Delia’s 2nd Birthday

Delia is 2 today, and while we’re proud to mark the date its been a sombre week during which issues around the safety of women and- once again- the conduct of the Police have been brought into sharp focus.

This has been compounded by an authoritarian response from the UK Government, passing a bill that introduces Police powers to break up ‘annoying’ protests at will, and floating the idea that clubs be patrolled by undercover officers. We want to say that this is wrong. Patriarchal powers being exercised upon women’s bodies are entirely the problem; the Police have shown themselves to be part of that complex, and we don’t need them in our spaces.

So happy birthday to us; we’re ever more resolute in our beliefs that female and non-binary voices need to be foregrounded in culture, and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep that happening. Look after yourselves out there.