SOUVENIR 'Left Turns' Mix on If-Only

SOUVENIR dropped a tidy new mix on If-Only magazine earlier this week. Its a fascinating swerve through a variety of styles, all fitered Elle and Claire's unique experimental lens.

Check it out here.

Mr Redley x Honey Dijon

Our own Mr Redley and Chicago icon Honey Dijon sat down for some mid-pandemic chat a few months ago. Check it out here

Jessica: Rituals #003

Jessica turned up the temperature in her lively video mix for the Rituals Youtube channel. The wide ranging mix was  filmed in Berlin's historic Sportcentre Wittenau, and you can check it out here.

Delia's 2nd Birthday

Delia is 2 today, and while we’re proud to mark the date its been a sombre week during which issues around the safety of women and- once again- the conduct of the Police have been brought into sharp focus.

This has been compounded by an authoritarian response from the UK Government, passing a bill that introduces Police powers to break up ‘annoying’ protests at will, and floating the idea that clubs be patrolled by undercover officers. We want to say that this is wrong. Patriarchal powers being exercised upon women’s bodies are entirely the problem; the Police have shown themselves to be part of that complex, and we don’t need them in our spaces.

So happy birthday to us; we’re ever more resolute in our beliefs that female and non-binary voices need to be foregrounded in culture, and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep that happening. Look after yourselves out there.

Ribeka meditates on grief on Clyde Built Radio

Ribeka paid tribute to her colleague documentary producer Richard Bright in a special edition of her Clyde Built Radio show Under The Answering Sky.

She shared readings on grief from Denise Riley and Judith Butler, and spoke to Raihan of Misery Collective, a sober club night that centres healing for the queer/ trans and BPOC communities.

It is a highly moving hour of radio from a brilliant creator. Listen here.

Katiusha on HÖR Berlin

Our very own Katiusha went B2B with Gramrcy for Fever AM on Berlin’s famous video mix channel.

In a high octane hour they spanned house, garage, electro and UK Funky. Check their set out here.

International Womens Day 2021

Today we’re celebrating the vast breadth and unfathomable diversity of global womanhood.

The world of music is far from perfect, but we’re thankful that its one into which scores of pioneering women have poured their originality, attitude, vulnerability, humour and grace. If you’re a woman starting to make music or DJ or doing anything creative, take it from us- the world needs to hear you.

Happy International Women’s Day to all 🧡



KMRU's new music for ‘Adidas x Arsenal’ latest spot.

Last month KMRU worked for the latest ‘Adidas x Arsenal’: ‘This is Arsenal’ spot directed by Karim Huu Do and produced by Object & Animal.

MADMADMAD | Boiler Room & Night Dreamer hosted by Mr. Redley

Last week  Mr. Redley hosted MADMADMAD for Boiler Room & Night Dreamer streaming!

Check it out and enjoy the full performance by London's no wave, disco & post-punk inspired trio MADMADMAD.

KMRU´s new soundtrack for ¨AKUJ¨ documentary.

This is the teaser clip from AKUJ. A documentary of a Turkana family fighting for survival due to the climate crisis in which KMRU has participated with the original soundtrack!

AKUJ is the new project of Arise productions, a female film collective focus on showing us through the realm of filmmaking the injustices that face the world and humans.

Full documentary will be out soon so keep an eye on their socials so you don’t miss anything!

Head here to wach the teaser clip from AKUJ.