SOUVENIR ‘Left Turns’ Mix on If-Only

SOUVENIR dropped a tidy new mix on If-Only magazine earlier this week. Its a fascinating swerve through a variety of styles, all fitered Elle and Claire's unique experimental lens.

Check it out here.

Jessica: Rituals #003

Jessica turned up the temperature in her lively video mix for the Rituals Youtube channel. The wide ranging mix was  filmed in Berlin's historic Sportcentre Wittenau, and you can check it out here.

Ribeka meditates on grief on Clyde Built Radio

Ribeka paid tribute to her colleague documentary producer Richard Bright in a special edition of her Clyde Built Radio show Under The Answering Sky.

She shared readings on grief from Denise Riley and Judith Butler, and spoke to Raihan of Misery Collective, a sober club night that centres healing for the queer/ trans and BPOC communities.

It is a highly moving hour of radio from a brilliant creator. Listen here.

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